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AVITANA for environment
and sustainability

Creative, environmentally friendly, sustainable – in the realization of our AVITANA circulation filter systems, these three values have been particularly important. Whoever decides to use a plasma filter from AVITANA, is not only opting for fresh and purified air but also for the environment. Cooking fumes, cigarette smoke and many more – everyone knows the unpleasant smells we are exposed to every day.

aira plasma filters from AVITANA are the perfect solution because they not only remove unpleasant odors but also eliminate or ionize the pollutants and reduce them to their basic elements.  Especially for allergy sufferers this means a significant alleviation of allergic reactions. AVITANA circulation filter systems are designed to add value to indoor air quality. As we take the ecological aspect very seriously, we have only chosen components that are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

  • Flexible

    Even if your cooker hood has already been installed, our circulation air filter systems can easily be retrofitted.

  • Regional

    Made in Germany – our circulation air filter systems are regionally and sustainably produced in Germany.

  • Customized

    What does not fit is made to fit! The aira plasma filters can be made individually according to your wishes and measurement so that you can enjoy the purified air.

We are rarely alone

The best quality for your air – to ensure this we work together with our partners to continuously improve our products: 

Galvamet is a family company that has been developing, designing and producing extractor hoods and cooktop extractor systems since 1974 in the Italian town of Fontaniva. Galvamet’s basis for innovative solutions in the kitchen is their continuous development of design and technology, combined with the highest quality standards. The hoods are manufactured with aira plasma filters and provide fresh and healthy air in the kitchen. Galvamet combines state-of-the-art technology with Italian design.


The new brand for innovative, sustainable and efficient induction hobs and downdraft cooktop extractor fans – “Made in Germany”. Our benthaus cooktops are developed and produced in our manufactory with dedicated handwork. Our certified accessories come from market-leading suppliers in the surrounding area, thus guaranteeing short supply chains. Due to the cardboard packaging we also avoid unnecessary plastic during transport.


Export und Industrie
  • MARES is exclusive partner for industry and export of Avitana plasma filters
    Mares Marketing S.r.l.
    Via Malnasca 15
    I – 21100 Varese

    Mail: plasma-filters@maresgroup.com
    Tel: 0039 0332 810150
Countries - and commercial agencies Germany
  • PLZ 01, 02, 04, 06-09, 98, 99 Marko Karger
    06686 Lützen
    Ahornring 10

    Mail: marko.karger@gmx.net
    Tel: +49 178 8959492
  • PLZ 01, 02, 04-09, 98,99 Ramona Partzsch
    Sumpfmühlenweg 10
    09633 Halsbrücke OT Hetzdorf

    Tel: 0157 51327557
  • PLZ 03, 10, 12-19 Holger Wohlfromm
    Weberstr. 14
    14772 Brandenburg

    Mail: h.wohlfromm@kuechen-vertrieb.de
  • PLZ 20-25, 27-29 Gerhard Peetz
    26605 Aurich
    Extumer Weg 52c

    Mail: info@hv-peetz.de
    Tel: +49 173 4325251

  • PLZ 30-33, 37-39 Nicole Meinig
    37287 Wehretal
    Sachsenweg 2

    Mail: n.meinig@kuechen-meinig.de
    Tel: 0160 93603472
  • PLZ 40-45, 58-59 Frank Kreinberg
    58553 Halver
    Heesfeld 18

    Mail: f.kreinberg@t-online.de
    Tel: +49 170 2960150
  • PLZ 26, 46-49 Erwin Nyhuis
    49843 Uelsen
    Ginsterweg 9

    Mail: erwin-nyhuis@t-online.de
    Tel: +49 172 8086480

  • PLZ 34-36, 50-57, 60-69, Luxemburg Jürgen Groß
    35625 Hüttenberg
    Westendstr. 8

    Mail: info@gross-handelsagentur.de
    Tel: +49 160 90430862
  • PLZ 70-79, 88-89 Bernard Gerday
    07012 Palma de Mallorca

    Mail: info@industrievertretungen-gerday.de
    Tel: +49 172 7268387

  • PLZ 80-87, 90-97 Hans-Peter Ludwig
    82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
    Maisacher Str. 62a

    Mail: info@llhandelsagentur.de
    Tel: +49 171 8010041

Länder -und Handelsvertretungen
  • Austria imv Vertrieb Pamminger KG

    Mail: avitana@pammingerkg.com
    Tel: 0043 6643425323
  • Niederlande/Belgien Harry van den Boogaard
    47533 Kleve
    Düffelgaustr. 45

    Mail: harry49er@gmail.com
    Tel: 0031 653559118
  • Tschechische Republik Petr Sisler
    Boruvkova 399
    463 12 Simonovice

    Mail: sisler.avitana@gmail.com
    Tel: 00420 608536824
  • Lenoxx Designhauben GmbH
    32120 Hiddenhausen
    Boschstr. 38

    Mail: info@lenoxx.de
    Tel: 05223 654330
  • Sagemüller & Rohrer GmbH
    82054 Sauerlach
    Daimlerstr. 5

    Mail: info@sagero.de
    Tel: 08104 660033
  • EKK Vertriebs GmbH
    32278 Kirchlengern
    Kampweg 26

    Mail: info@ekk-vertrieb.de
    Tel: 05223 491810


If you would also like to equip your cooker hood with an aira filter, we will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance. If you have any questions about the various models or any other questions, please contact us.