AVITANA Products - Recirculating air instead of exhaust air

Quick and easy installation for healthy, clean and fresh air. Our aira plasma filters are available in various sizes and power levels ranging from 400 to 1.200 cbm/h, can be retrofitted at any time and are thus the perfect addition to already existing cooker hoods.

Whether horizontal or vertical, with their small dimensions the circulation plasma filters can be used everywhere. Up to 99% of odors, viruses, pollen, bacteria and other allergenic substances are eliminated by our circulation plasma filters. During the filtration process no ozone is emitted to the outside (certified by VDE and IUTA).

  • VDE Certificate

    for aira RONDO and QUADRO models (including ozone test)

  • IUTA Certificate

    (Ozone Test Energy and Environment Institute, Duisburg)

  • Olfasense Certificate

    (degree of odour reduction >95%)

aira RONDO

The model with high effectiveness and efficiency

The aira RONDO is our pioneer and success model among the plasma circulation filter systems. Fitting all standard hob cooker hoods with slimmer chimney shafts and suitable for almost all engine powers. The aira RONDO perfectly complements your kitchen.

aira PLANO

With the Plano you are on the safe side and increase energy-saving efficiency and room-air quality

You want to save energy and at the same time have healthy and clean indoor air? With the aira PLANO, you are on the safe side, since with this aira plasma filter you not only increase energy saving efficiency, but also the quality of the room air. The aira PLANO has been especially developed for flat and headless cooker hoods and meets the special requirements for those systems. The aira PLANO is also suitable for island, vertical and integrated cooker hoods without a chimney.


Highest performance standard in a minimum of space.

The aira QUADRO has been especially developed for hob extractors which are increasingly gaining more popularity in the market. Our unique technology of clean, direct and pre-set air routing makes it possible to use the aira QUADRO also for special applications. Due to its low construction height, the aira QUADRO is also ideally suited to be used as an air filter for ceiling fans. Vertical or horizontal? – Our aira QUADRO can do both as it features the highest performance standard in a minimum of space.


Highest performance standard in a minimum of space.

Smart and space-saving, the aira QUADRO is placed directly behind the exhaust air motor and on the rear wall of the base unit in the case of a trough fan. The L-shape enables a „standing installation” which ejects the air stream of the cleaned exhaust air at a 90°angel to the circulation plasma filter. The new installation variant saves a lot of space in the plinth area. In addition, new air outlet options are created. By mounting directly on the exhaust air motor, we have found an efficient way to improve the effective cleaning power and increase the performance – because the aira QUADRO L ensures the highest performance standard in a minimum of space.

Quality of life and living

Unpleasant cooking and frying odors? Room air polluted by viruses, bacteria, mites and other allergens? This is now history with the aira plasma filters from AVITANA! Due to the ionization process in the aira plasma filters, the molecular structures of polluted room air are differentiated – pollutants in the air are eliminated and what remains is healthy, clean and fresh room air.

Energy efficient & cost saving

In order to always create clean air for you with our circulation filter systems with minimum environmental impact, our aira plasma filters require no maintenance, no exchange and no drainage system to the outside. Exhaust air is thus converted into circulating air with low energy consumption.

To make installation as easy and practical as possible for you, our filters are fitted to the air outlet of your cooker hood in a plug-and-play process and switched on automatically via the air and heat flow during use.

Suitable for any cooker hood, our three product groups offer the highest level of comfort. What, if it does not fit after all? Customized developments and special requests are always possible.